I started working as an early stage researcher in MINTS at Wireless Communication and Sensing Lab (WISE) at TU Darmstadt in December 2020. My research is focused on wireless communications in millimeter-wave bands. I’m particularly interested in the practical implementations and experimental evaluations using RFSoC’s. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications) from UET, Taxila Pakistan and Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Digital Signals and Systems Processing) from NUST, SEECS Pakistan. My Mater’s thesis is titled “CARiMoL: A Configurable Hardware Accelerator for Ring and Module Lattice-Based Post-Quantum Cryptography”. In my thesis I developed a flexible design using ZYNQ-ZCU111 that can be configured to key-pair generation, encapsulation, and decapsulation for multiple PQC schemes using same hardware. It also supported run-time configurability for multiple security levels which offered substantial speedups and considerable less area overhead as compared to combined standalone design of PQC schemes. From 2017 -2020, I have been working with CARE pvt ltd where I was involved in the FPGA implementation of Physical layer of OFDM waveform.