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BeamSec: A Practical mmWave Physical Layer Security Scheme Against Strong Adversaries

Stay Connected, Leave no Trace: Enhancing Security and Privacy in WiFi via Obfuscating Radiometric Fingerprints

SCAROS: A Scalable and Robust Self-backhauling Solution for Highly Dynamic Millimeter-Wave Networks

CBMoS: Combinatorial Bandit Learning for Mode Selection and Resource Allocation in D2D Systems

An Online Context-Aware Machine Learning Algorithm for 5G mmWave Vehicular Communications

mm-Wave on Wheels: Practical 60 GHz Vehicular Communication Without Beam Training

mm-Broker: Managing Directionality and Mobility Issues of Millimeter-Wave via D2D Communication

Tie-breaking Can Maximize Fairness without Sacrificing Throughput in D2D-assisted Networks