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mmWave full duplex joint sensing and communication design

Beam management in mmWave full duplex joint sensing and communication system

FPGA development and experimental analysis of beamforming and beam-tracking in 6G networks

Going against the tide: Using interpretable machine learning instead of black box DNN for wireless sensing

Explainable machine learning to explain blackbox human activity sensing

Unsupervised learning from video segmentation to person/object tracking in wireless networks

Preserving Privacy against WiFi Sensing

Privacy-Preserving radiometric fingerprinting (Datenlotsen Awardee)

Device-Free Indoor Localization: A User-Privacy Perspective

Protecting Heartbeat and Respiration Information in WiFi Sensing Applications

Experimental Evaluation on Inband Device-to-Device Communication in LTE

Evaluation of Latency Reduction Techniques for 5th Generation Mobile Network